Always play for something

Learn, Earn & Compete with Divots, the currency of winning. Backed by Thomas Pieters & Harold Varner III

Jerome Theunis – PGA/LIV Coach

“You’ve wasted an hour of practice if you do not add a challenge to it”



Play & Earn

Earn “Divots” by completing professional-grade training challenges, use them to bet on your games, or spend them on exclusive gear.

Divots are the currency of winning.

WAMP has created a new way for you to win. On every match, every training session and every shot. Introducing Divots. The currency of winning.

Tradable, Spendable and most importantly, Winnable!

If you are playing, play to win, if not, don’t play – John Rahm

Get paid to practice

Top golfers create an ecosystem of winning. Practicing without competition is ineffective.

Play golf challenges crafted by professional players to improve your skills.

The best part: as you train and get ready to outplay your friends, you’ll earn Divots along the way!

Compete like a pro

Place bets on games with your friends! Choose to wager on an entire round or engage in multiple micro bets throughout the game.

Win exclusive prizes

Use your earned Divots to buy the latest golf gear in our exclusive store.

Top golfers create ecosystems of winning.

Our ambassadors, including LIV, PGA stars and top YouTube golf instructors, guide you through every golf challenge & tips from the tour. Get exclusive content and tips directly from golfing legends like Thomas Pieters, Jerome Theunis, Country Club Adjacent, Art of Simple Golf, and many more.


For Brands & Community builders

High engagement enhances the overall experience, allowing players to enjoy the frequent satisfaction of winning!


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